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Do You have SLAB LEAKS?

Has your water bill increased? Do you hear water running in your walls? Do you notice a warm spot on the flooring? Has your gas bill gone up? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – you could have a slab leak.

The obvious signs of a slab leak are:

The sound of running water, when no water should be running.


If you hear running water in your home when all should be quiet, it means there is flowing water somewhere. If you don’t find visual clues (a dripping faucet, running toilet, sprinkler, or water connected appliances) to the source of the sound, it could mean you have a hidden leak under the slab.

A hot spot on the floor.

Hot water lines are usually insulated and don’t heat the floor unless it was built as a radiant heating system. If you have pets and they gravitate to a certain spot on the floor, check to see if it feels warmer than usual. This can be an indication that you have a slab leak.

Cracks in walls or floors.

There are several possible factors in the appearance of cracks in walls and floors. However, if the area under your property is compromised by water flow from a leak under your slab, it could create a massive void under the foundation. This void can put stress on the foundation, causing cracks in the floors and walls.

Mildew, excessive moisture under carpets, or musty odors.

Cracks in a slab due to a leak allow moisture into the flooring creating excessive moisture under carpets. In addition, drywall will wick the moisture up, and create an ideal environment for mold to grow behind the wall. Either of these symptoms might indicate a slab leak.

High water bills.

Unusually high water bills could occur for several reasons. If you have ruled out things like an improperly working meter and know usage has not increased, you will want to rule out the possibility of a slab leak by a qualified plumber.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, call Sav-On Plumbing. Locating and repairing a slab leak does not have to be costly or time consuming. Sav-On Plumbing will visit your site and assess it for potential slab leaks at no charge.

If a slab leak is detected, we will:

Engage a leak detection and locator professional to pinpoint the location of the leak using non-invasive thermal imaging, pipe locating, and sound equipment.


Recommend the best course of action to eliminate existing leaks and potential future leaks, and provide an estimate for that work.


Sav-On Plumbing provides quality, professional, and personalized service. We walk you through the entire process, provide alternative solutions, and take a proactive approach to stopping future leaks


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